What should I do next?

With the completion and release of Beef Wellington and the Mad Cows and Not For Sale To Minors I've decided that I want to take a break from recording, at least for a while. I suppose that if ideas come into my head, I will as usual feel compelled to write them down and probably make some sort of recording, but I have no ideas for any projects for a new album. Rather, I am embarking on something far more ambitious, which I can't go into detail about, but suffice to say it's going to be a full production with orchestra and singers - a full evening's worth of entertainment. Since music brings me more enjoyment than just about anything, and ideas are constantly popping into my head, it's pointless to deny the obvious and stop. But I think I am done making pop/folk/rock/blues CDs, at least for now. I had decided a few years back that Open Road was my last witness-oriented recording, since the number of people that would appreciate such a thing is so incredibly limited - it sort of stifles the creative juices when it's that way. A few years ago I temporarily shelved the idea of a classical CD of original compositions for piano and guitar. Even though I actually finished about half of the writing, I have still not taken that project off the shelf, probably because I'm not interested in the recording process right now. But until today, it didn't even occur to me to ask y'all what you would like to hear next? Maybe nothing? Maybe something that's strictly blues? Or the classical CD I talked about a few years ago? What are your thoughts?