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This one was especially fun to write and record.
Jason sent me the basic recording you hear, except without any vocals, and without the wah-wah guitar. My job was to come up with a melody and lyrics.
I listened to this over and over straining to determine what parts may constitute a verse, a chorus, a bridge, or anything. It may be hard to tell by listening to the finished product, but believe me, it was a challenge. I finally settled on what you now hear, and came up with a melody while riding in my car to and from work, recording the results on a little handheld dictaphone I hardly ever use anymore. Then came the lyrics; I don't remember much about how they came about, but I think I probably started out with just the title, which sort of evolved into a little story about space travel, and just got crazier as I went along.  I dunno.
So I recorded my vocals and the wah-wah guitar part, sent it to Jason, and he played with it. I'm not even sure what he did with it, except that he replaced the lead vocals with his own, and at least some of the background vocals; he did keep some of mine here and there, but I'm not sure exactly which. He also added a brief keyboard part that's hard to describe, so you'll just have to guess, I'm afraid.
So, wah-wah guitar, some background vocals, cupped-hand vocal, and ending groan by me, everything else (which is to say most of the song) by Jason. Oh, and the weird speaking voice at the end is me reading the entire song lyric rapidly.
Mixed and mastered by Jason.


Where Did You Go?
Where did you go?
Where did you land on Sunday?
Was it a pleasant trip,
and did you bring any back for me?
How did it feel
to be away for so long?
In galaxies far away
Away and across the universe
Where did you go?
Hovering over your head
Sewing the stars to your feet
Catching the sky in your ears
Waiting for planets to melt
(Where did you go?)
(Where did you land on Sunday?)
(How did it feel,
to be away for so long?)
Welcome home
I’ve waited so long for you
Take in the air around
Relax and stay for a life or two
Where did you go?
Gone for a world of Sundays
Cure for your wanderlust
Is here before your eyes and heart is in me
Where did you go?