From the recording Smoke & Mirrors

Listen to radio interview about this songThe original seed for this song was a Led Zepellin style instrumental part I originally had included a snippet of in The Marbleization of Elsie on my Tribute album.
Then Jason got the idea to write a song about a TV show I had told him about. It was a PBS show about some band whose name fortunately escapes me. They were absolutely awful; no talent whatever; should have become meat slicers at the local grocery store rather than tormenting us with their lack of musical ability. Yet they were hailed as the greatest thing since the invention of the lightbulb. Jason thought it must have been some sort of mockumentary, but I don't think so. We're are really supposed to believe that these no-talents are somehow more important to modern music than The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Beethoven and Stravinsky combined. I had actually written an entire album in an hour or so and recorded it in a day as a satire of the whole episode, but Jason wisely decided to confine his comical protest to one song.
So anyway, Jason sent me a recording of his song with blank spots for my Led Zep part, which I recorded with my guitar and bass. I also inserted a little harmony guitar over his transition to the bridge, as well as guitar solos.
So, all drums and vocals by Jason, all bass by me, intro guitar by me, main song guitars by Jason, and solo and harmony guitars by me. I think that's about it.
Mixed and mastered by Jason.


Smoke & Mirrors
Sitting watching TV with the clicker in my hand
Prestidigitators saying things that I don’t understand
Trying to convince me it’s better than Sgt Pepper’s Band
I really don’t believe it
Smoke & mirrors
Wool over my eyes
Smoke & mirrors
Really shouldn’t be surprised
Oh deception over time is hardly ever noticed
Standing at the market forced to see the magazine display
Girl behind the counter wishing me a happy holiday
I was so disgusted I had nothing left to say
To all the little lemmings
Smoke & mirrors
Messing with my mind
Smoke & mirrors
Trying to make be blind
Oh hoodwinked over time, and no one is the wiser
Something tells me that I’m not alone in my misery
If no one’s stepping forward then I guess it’s up to me
Pulling back the curtain on this harmful wizardry
The emperor is naked
Smoke & mirrors
Fogging up my brain
Smoke & mirrors
I can’t see to strain
Smoke & mirrors