1. Blankets

From the recording Blankets

Another one I selected from the CD of MP3s Jason had sent me. I immediately loved the 50's rockabilly feel to it, complete with a ridiculous amount of reverb. So Jason re-recorded it, and I inserted lead guitar.
Lead guitar and bass by me, vocals and all other instruments by Jason.
Mixed and mastered by Jason.


I’ve been wandering the streets these nights
Wondering if I’m a-gonna be all right
I’ve never seen the lights so dim
I wish that I could be there in your brain
I look around for a tree to climb
I know that I didn’t have much time
Oh now time won’t let me be
Standing in the corner looking at your words
Coming at me like a little bug and being driven like a little girl
You know I never like to step into the dirt
You know I don’t want to ever get hurt
And when the sky starts to burn like a mine
Oh now time won’t set me free
Goodbye to you
Goodbye to you