From the recording Better Left Unsaid

I basically wrote this one some years ago but couldn't figure out where the verses ended and where the chorus began and so on. So I never finished the lyrics (which were originally the more awkward "The difference between what was said and what was felt"), and had no introduction or way of ending the thing. Enter Jason.
When I played it for him, he immediately came up with what are now the introduction, the conclusion, and the "bridge" ("far too many words..."). But how to structure it? We tried a bunch of different ideas, but what we found really worked with the quirky nature of this CD (quirkiness was an unwritten requirement for any song's inclusion), was the rather long introduction that builds instrumentally, the "bridge" leading to the conclusion, and the rather strange conclusion itself that ends with deafening guitar noise.
When Jason was playing this on guitar for the first time, he mistook an Ebmaj7 for a Gm7, and that's what stuck. When I hear the original demo I did with the Ebmaj7, I miss that chord terribly, but in retrospect I think the Gm7 makes a much sweeter sound. Thanks, J.
Drums and vocals by Jason, the rest by me. Oh, and that weird speaking at the end? That's Jason recorded backwards in varying speeds reading from the Wikipedia article on Beef Wellington. No fooling.
Mixed and mastered by me.


Better Left Unsaid
The space between what was said and what was felt
In a thousand ways
Doesn’t add up to the cards we dealt
In the wars we wage
Words so deeply...
Cut a long cold path to the heart
Leaving in their wake
The story of us breaking apart
Every burning page
Leaves me weeping
Longing for real feeling
The space between what said and what was felt/Better left unsaid
The space between what said and what was felt/Better left unsaid
The space between what said and what was felt/Better left unsaid
I don’t want to waste another night
Getting lost inside
The maze of words around us
We can ride and hide
Break down feelings
Let our love find healing
Far too many words
Mean what we don’t say
Clouds will blow away the feelings
Better left unsaid