From the recording <br>Crystal Orchid

I once saw an orchid made of crystal with a yellowish-pink center that reflected light in all directions. Its petals appeared as outstretched arms welcoming me to her world. What can I give back?


Crystal Orchid
Beauty for the asking
Crystal orchid calls the light
Plays it out in colors captured inside
A thousand bright horizons
She lays before my eyes
Carry me, carry me in her arms to a world beyond shadow and cloud
Crystal orchid's choir the only sound
How can I repay my lady
Oh my angel of sight
Crystal orchid pray
Crystal orchid play me in your light
When she smiles the woman inside is a window to her world
Tears she cries reveal the little girl
The girl inside the crystal flower needing tender care
Could I be
Could I be the arms to hold her and keep her secure
Could I be the heart she’s waiting for
Open up your soul and show me
Oh my angel of sight
Crystal orchid pray
Crystal orchid play me in your light
Play me in your light and keep me high
Believing I’ll always look in your eyes and see love silence the night
Crystal orchid pray
Crystal orchid play me in your light