Thunderhouse wins 2nd place in Battle of the Bands

Thunderhouse won 2nd place in a Battle of the Bands held last night at The Crossroads in Garwood NJ. That means that they move onto the finals, to be held sometime in the spring at a location to be determined. For those of you that don't understand the concept of making a contest out of music, we are just as baffled. Gary and band really just looked at the whole experience as another opportunity to play in front of a new audience. Mission accomplished.


  • Satrio
    Satrio Jodhipati
    Getting closer to . see ya all!

    Getting closer to . see ya all!

  • Varmeen
    Varmeen Kentucky-USA
    Take [url=]gedeb[/url] away to the sky.

    Take gedeb away to the sky.

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