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Gary Alt: Hot Stove

New band on its way! - October 26, 2008

A new band named Thunderhouse has risen from the ashes of Rain (or is it the puddles?). The lineup is 3/5 Rain, 2/5 new members: Larry Hayden-bass/vocs, Jason Arvanites-guitar/keyboards/vocs, Elaine Arvanites-keyboards/voc, Derek Alt-drums/keyboards/guitar, Gary-guitar/keyboard/drums/bg vocs. First gig coming soon - will keep you posted!

Permanent Rain Delay - May 17, 2008

Rain performed it's last gig tonight at Fiesta Cancun, Stoney Point NY. Guitarist/singer Jason Arvanites decided to call it quits for personal reasons, and after some discussion it was decided we would all take a sabbatical until further notice. So the core (Larry Hayden-bass/voc, Fabian Santiago-drums, Gary-guitar/keyboard/bg voc) is no more. It was a great gig - thanks everyone for your usual great support. Will let you know when the band re-emerges, and what new monstrous form it may take.

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