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Gary Alt: Home Plate


NOTE: 50% of net proceeds from all of Gary's CD & MP3 sales will now go to the Jorge Posada Foundation and Children's Cancer Research Fund.



Oops, you found him. He’s been hiding from public view for decades, but apparently the party’s over.

Or perhaps it's just beginning, because you've just entered the musical world of Gary Alt - songwriter, guitarist, pianist, drummer, singer, arranger, and practitioner of virtually anything else having to do with making music that defies categorization.

What did you come here for anyway? Looking for a life partner? We can’t help you. Want to auction your mom’s precious silverware? Wrong again. Now, if you’re looking for some fabulous original music that's exciting, beautiful, and vital, then you came to the right place. In that case, poke around, be as nosy as you’d like, and by all means enjoy yourself.



Shine a LightMost recent single Shine a Light available at CD Baby!


All radio archives are now available on the Multi-Media page. Click on the link to download, which should then open the file in the media player associated with MP3 files on your computer. Or you can save the MP3 file and do whatever you want with it.