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Gary Alt: What's happening

Mar 16, 2019 WNTI at Centenary University WNTI.org WNTI.org WNT
Sep 8, 2018 RENOfest Wantage New Jersey USA
Jun 2, 2018 Sparta Books Sparta New Jersey USA
Jul 18, 2015 WNTI Stage - WNTI Band Columbia New Jersey USA
Mar 14, 2015 The Hilton McLean Tysons Corner McLean Virginia USA
Sep 21, 2014 Four Sisters Winery at Matarazzo Farms Belvidere New Jersey
Aug 16, 2014 WNTI Stage - Nine of a Kind Columbia New Jersey USA
May 16, 2014 Bar 46 Hackettstown New Jersey USA
May 10, 2014 2 Alices Cornwall New York
Apr 26, 2014 Front lawn of Centenary College Hackettstown New Jersey
Jul 23, 2011 Roadhouse Airmont New York US
Jun 11, 2011 Lehrstock 2011 Sloatsburg New York
Nov 28, 2010 The Crossroads Garwood New Jersey USA

Turns out only six bands played, four (count 'em, FOUR) of which were death metal bands, one of which was a one-man mixologist who didn't actually perform any music, but only mixed certain dance beats and so on. So we were the only band that played any discernable music. We probably should have taken first place, based on what we played as well as audience reaction, but the last band that played took that honor for some odd reason. I personally don't understand the concept of making a contest of music or any other art form, so it really doesn't matter to me where anyone placed; it was just an opportunity for us to play to a different audience. Thanks to all who showed up and supported us! Now onto the second round, the winner of which will receive some $, recording time, and promotion. Yippee...

Jul 30, 2010 Arthur's St Moritz Sparta New Jersey USA
Jul 5, 2010 wnti.org - Click "listen now" button
Jul 4, 2010 Reigers Monroe New York USA

Fun show. Since we started a little late, we had to cut the entire 3rd set out. Lindsay and Ingrid substituting for the missing Missy (?) went over great. And the debut of a few new songs was well received as well, notably Gary's Savannah, Brandi Carlile's The Story, and Thrice's Of Dust and Nations. Thanks all for coming, we'll see you again soon!

Apr 23, 2010 Hour Time Valatie New York USA
Apr 9, 2010 Arthur's St Moritz Sparta New Jersey USA

Thanks to the huge crowd that came out to see Thunderhouse last night. It seems that everyone rocked out to the new set of songs added since last time, and the addition of Missy Steinert as a member of the band.

Missy absolutely tore up
The Story and Whipping Post, the latter which helped Gary acheive a lifetime goal of playing his favorite Allmans Brothers tune. Another song Gary thought he might never get to play in public was Cliffs of Dover, which was performed in incendiary fashion. Derek's guitar solo on Whipping Post (first solo, Gary second), helped whip (pun?) the song into a frenzy by the end. Larry's silver throat was at the forefront in what's become a band standard, With or Without You, and Chris' drumming throughout the evening, but especially on numbers like The Foo Fighters' Everlong was exhilerating, and had a lot to do with the Thunder in the House.

Thanks again, all who made it. See ye next time!

Jan 22, 2010 Arthur's St Moritz Sparta New Jersey US

Thanks all for coming out on a Friday night, some from 50 miles away! By the crowd reaction, all were blown away by the new band personel, which now includes the great drumming of Chris Steinert. Derek's move to guitar, keyboards and vocals contributed to the new depth of Thunderhouse, but what else can you expect from someone who routinely awed the crowds by playing drums and keyboards simultaneously? Thanks to Lindsay Alt and Missy Steinert for your great guest vocal performances!

Come back and see us in April, date to be annouced.

Sep 18, 2009 Arthur's St Moritz Sparta New Jersey US

No one will ever forget Derek's stunning performance of drums and keyboards simultaneously on Just What I Needed and Jet. But it only complemented the great harmony vocals of Jason, Larry and Gary on original rockers and some tried and true chestnuts. Thanks all for coming out see Thunderhouse!

Jul 31, 2009 Ruppert's Riverdale NJ
Jul 11, 2009 The Back Yard at Bohrisch Ringwood NJ
May 30, 2009 Ruppert's Riverdale NJ
May 17, 2008 Fiesta Cancun Stoney Point NY
Feb 23, 2008 T-Bones Sports Pub Valley Cottage NY
Jan 19, 2008 T-Bones Sports Pub Valley Cottage NY
Sep 29, 2007 Shannon's Backyard Highland Lakes NJ
Sep 1, 2007 Fiesta Cancun Stoney Point NY
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